My prayers were answered

by Lin

Decades ago while I was still a student, I first paid my respects to Lord Brahma at the Erawan Shine during my school holidays.

Since I was young back then, I didn't make any specific wishes (or don't recall making any) if there were any, most probably for good results in my studies.

In December 2013, I went for a ritual and prayed to Lord Brahma in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I asked for a boy friend.

Amazingly in Jan 2014 I met a guy and was happily in love. I kept having a feeling of returning to Kuala Lumpur to pay my respects but for some reasons I didn't and my luck totally went downhill...till I almost got a depression. (Let's not go into that).

It was only until mid-2015 that I visited Bangkok once again and made my simple yet very sincere offering. This time I asked for good luck in job hunting (been trying to look for a job but was unsuccessful).

Guess what? Within a week I got several calls and the best three offers at the same time! I truly believe in Lord Brahma that he is answering prayers if you are really sincere with a good heart.

I feel really guilty that I didn't return to pay respects since I have prayed a few occasions previously.

So I flew back to Bangkok in February 2016 to offer flowers for consecutive days. I sincerely hope Lord Brahma hears and sees my sincerity.

Have faith in Lord Brahma and yourself!

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Mar 03, 2016
Not so blessed
by: Anonymous

All the best. Have been praying for a year but not answered. If you lucky enough to have it answered then you should return the prayers. Not everyone is as blessed.

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