Pay my debts and be worry-free

I went to the Erawan Shrine last month to pray to the four-faced Buddha to clear off my debts soon so that I could live a worry-free life and support my parents well.

But to date, no windfall has come yet, sigh. If I just pray with both my hands clasped and and with all my heart, not with any joss sticks, will it do?

I always believe as long as I pray with a sincere heart, my prayers should be heard. But why is the four-faced Buddha not attending to my prayers yet? Sigh.

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Jun 08, 2013
Help me four-faced Buddha
by: Sad

I visited the Erawan Shrine with my family in February and we all prayed. I bought joss sticks and flowers outside the shrine at a much higher price.

I asked the four-faced Buddha for help to solve my financial burdens. Unfortunately, I am still waiting after four months.

I bought an amulet from the Chitrawan Temple and had it blessed. Though I have not strike any big prizes thus far, I still have faith in the four-faced Buddha. I hope my luck will change for the better.

Each night, I hold the amulet in my hand and seek help from the four-faced Buddha. My parents are ill and kids are in the university. I hope my prayers will be answered soon. Can't hold on any longer.

Dec 27, 2010
Believe In Erawan
by: E.W.


I had some amazing luck after worshiping at the Erawan Shrine last month. Although it was not big money, I totally believe my luck came from the Erawan Shrine.

You should have faith. I heard Erawan is powerful and he must have heard your prayers.

I have the same doubts like you. I wasn't sure if I prayed the right way because that day was so packed and other worshipers were rushing me.

However I completed my prayers. My Thai friend just came back from the Erawan Shrine and he told me once I prayed, Erawan would know. I really hope this forum can get my message to Erawan, if I didn't pray right.

I have a strong faith in the Erawan Shrine and I am waiting for my prayers to come to true.



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