Please answer my prayer

by Cherie Low
(Tampines, Singapore)

I'm a medium, one night I prayed to the four-faced Buddha and asked why my fortune is bad these last few years. He heard my prayer this time. Several years ago, I prayed to him and asked for something.

I prayed for help for my brother-in-law to win his lawsuit and help my sister's family. My prayer was heard! I can't remember making any vows as it was seven to eight years ago. Since then, I lost my lottery luck; I have not struck any lotteries since.

The four-faced Buddha hinted that I should go back to the Palelai Temple, Singapore, where I prayed, go with jasmine flowers to seek for forgiveness.

I just did. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying for miracles to shine on me. My advice to friends out there, think properly before you make any prayers or make any vows.

Remember and good luck.

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