Power of the four-faced Buddha

(Malacca )

This story happened 20 years ago. One night I came down from my shop house and was just about to turn off the lights before going to bed.

I saw a black figure moving around and staring at me about 20 feet away. I ignored it and turned to switch off the lights. I just took another glance around.

Suddenly I felt a force entering my body and a few seconds later I started trembling. I have been possessed.

Luckily, I was wearing a four-faced Buddha amulet with me. When the spirit entered my body, my amulet start shaking immediately. I felt it's strong force.

Suddenly my amulet started bouncing strongly like it was throwing the spirit out . When I lifted my head, I saw a black figure flung from me and disappeared into thin air .

I am grateful for the power of the four-faced Buddha!

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