Pray for my true love

by Candy

Today is March 28 and I prayed to the four-faced Buddha in February during a trip to Bangkok. I prayed for a boy friend that is my true love to appear before my birthday in early May.

I have been single for a long time and I don't know why I just can't find my guy. I truly hope the four-faced Buddha could help me. I will return to Bangkok to thank the four-faced Buddha if my wish comes true.

It doesn't look like I will get anything by May but....I have faith in the four-faced Buddha. Yes, please help me.

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Feb 14, 2024
Updates on love
by: Anonymous


Could someone guide me if their prayers for love have been answered and things went smoothly for those who found their love?

I have heard comments on Tiktok that devotees for four-faced Buddha will not be able to get luck in love and I'm quite worried because I really respect the four-face Buddha. Please help.

Oct 19, 2021
Trust the 4-faced Buddha wholeheartedly
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I am from Malaysia. My wife was supposed to go to overseas to study. I have prayed to almost quite a lot of gods around and she is still determined to go. Once, I went to Bangkok and I prayed to stop her going and to stay behind here in Malaysia.

Indeed the 4-faced Buddha answered my prayer and she stayed behind. Our relationship grew stronger and whenever I am free, wherever there is a 4-faced Buddha, I would go and say my prayer of thanks.

My work also became smooth every year. Don't just go to him when you are down or have unsettled problems. Pray to him sincerely from time to time. He will answer to his devoted devotees and always bring coconut or sugar cane to pray.

Sep 29, 2012
Divine connection
by: Anonymous

We are going to have four-faced Buddha in Kuala Lumpur just like the one in Bangkok. I made a wish before the four faced Buddha arrives on 18 October 12.

I wished to find my true love and get married by end of this year. In the last 10 days, I met someone. Our connection seems to be a divine match. He has gone to Thailand to work and we haven’t spoken for a few days. Now I am praying that when he returns, we start dating.

Steady Candy, let's have faith together. Before my dream comes true, I promise to bring jasmine flowers, bananas and coconuts for thanksgiving.

Have faith, he is listening.

May 13, 2012
Let nature take its course
by: Nancy

I have always been a Buddhist since young but I lost faith in religion over the years and had not visit any temple for few years.

Been to Bangkok few times and during my last trip in December 2011, I felt an urge to visit the Erawan Shrine. I've been single for long too so I prayed for love.

I went to pray alone and really prayed with all my heart with sincerity. Shortly, I got to know my current boyfriend within a month and we got together.

I also promised that if it happens or not, I will go back to the Erawan Shrine and repay the next time I visit Bangkok. And if my wish comes true, I will bring my partner there.

Now my boyfriend and I are going to Bangkok next month. It's amazing how things come between us. Candy,things happen when it's least expected. May you find your true love soon.

Mar 30, 2012
Anyone out there?
by: Candy

Anyone out there who has their prayers answered? I'm getting very frustrated and losing faith...

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