Prayers heard by the Erawan Shrine

by Maggie Kuan

In June 2008, I was so depressed when the position in my company promotion I was expecting was taken by a lady from another branch. I went to the Erawan Shirine for the first time in my life. I prayed for my promotion sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.

When I returned to my country, I found that this particular lady was on unpaid leave for two months and company immediately gave me a challenge to hit the certain target to get promoted. I tried all my way to do it, yet I was about 2% short of the goal.

I thought the position will be gone, but my managing director called me privately to the room and said my promotion took effect on August. In my company, we really have to hit challenging targets to get promoted. I'm the only person who was secretly promoted with my salary doubled and this without the knowledge of anyone in my company except the HR.

Thank you to the Erawan Shirine who heard and helped me. Till today, I have never stopped going to Bangkok to pray for my career, family, love and peace. He has been with me all this while. And the strange feeling is he seems to call me back. I always go there at the last minute. It seems the shrine has a certain power ask me to return every year.

As long as you believe in him, he will hear you. Pray deeply with all your heart and you will overcome all your obstacles. Even if you don't get the answer by the dateline, it is a test for you. Once you have prayed, don't deny his power. Always go with a sincere heart, he will bless anyone who is sincere and does good.

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