Returning the favour

My first visit to Bangkok was in late October 2009 and I requested for a smooth job change and also to forget my ex then, who has bugging me for three years since break up, and also find a good and perfect man!

Surely, within months, I did get an interested party knocking at my door and also my job changed went smoothly. I hit off well with that guy and went into relationship in May 2010.

In September 2010, I brought him to the Erawan Shrine to pray (as I promised if I get a boyfriend, I will bring him to Lord Brahma to pray). Everything were just so smooth and I'm indeed happy!

However, my luck suddenly went downhill in 2011. First, things went horribly wrong in my new work place, then some breakdowns between my boyfriend and I and the worst was that one of my family members was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness.

I was devastated. I deemed it as a calling for me to return to the Erawan Shrine to make an offering, however, due to some issues, my trip back to Bangkok was not successful.

December 2011 is coming to an end and I would say everything came crashing down on me. First, my job still remains as tough, my father who was ill passed away in November and my bfriend decided to leave me three weeks after my father's death.

I am really devastated and wonder if I have offended Lord Brahma in any other way. Am I taking too long to return the favour or am I taking things for granted? So, I decided to return at the end of December 2011 to return my favour to do my best and seek forgiveness, if any.

At the same time, praying hard for my family's well being, my job and also to reconcile with my boyfriend. I would like to know how to return the favour to Lord Brahma and when should I return to Bangkok to return the favour?


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