Siam Heritage Hotel
a Bangkok hotel dedicated to art

By Eric Lim

The Siam Heritage Hotel is a designer hotel in bustling Surawongse Road, Bangrak, one of the oldest districts in Bangkok. There's an air of quiet dignity in the ambience of the hotel with its elegant Thai décor.

The hotel stands on the site of an old family home, bequeathed to the present owners. When the old home was torn down to build the hotel, the timber was retained for the interior décor. The owners play an active role in the management of the hotel in preserving its designer image.

Besides maintaining the family presence on the site of the old home, this Bangkok boutique hotel is also dedicated to the promotion of Thai art and handicraft.

The Siam Heritage Hotel

This boutique hotel provides space for budding Thai artists to display their works. Their paintings, sculptures and other works are exhibited at the Heritage Art Gallery on the ground floor and lobby upstairs and also in every room.

Showcases in the lobby on the second floor display the cherished family heirlooms: Benjarong pottery, old household silver and cosmetic bottles, betel nut boxes, a jewelry box that was a gift from King Rama V and a sample of the ancient Thai bead money, "pot duang".

Family heirlooms

Within the art gallery is a collection, rotated every two to three months, displaying:

  • watercolors of rural Thai life,
  • oil paintings,
  • sandstone sculptures of Apsara figurines,
  • wood carvings from solid trunks painstakingly transformed into intricate designs
  • hand made water vases with elaborate designs painted in gold a skill that's passed down over the generations.

All the doors, windows, frames, blinds and furniture in the Siam Heritage are well crafted by artisans from Chiang Mai and Ayuthaya based on traditional designs. Paintings and handicraft adorn the hotel landing and common areas giving it an exquisite air of an art gallery.

The rooms in this boutique hotel are even more fascinating. Luxuriously decorated, each room is cozy, artistic yet functional, a blend of traditional décor and modern amenities.

The design theme is predominantly wood: from the doors and frames of carved teak including the wooden door sign; the polished wooden floor; the bathroom doors with wooden latches, a design rarely seen today; to the custom built ventilator vents in well-finished hardwood.

The various rooms in the well designed Siam Heritage Boutique Suite are furnished with hand made furniture with a fine finish. Wall paintings, Thai silk bedspreads, tablecloths and cushion covers add to the finishing touch. 

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The paintings in each room are different, giving each room a distinct character. All the various pieces of art and furniture in the hotel are for sale.

The bedroom

The small and cosy Siam Heritage Hotel is truly a unique Bangkok hotel with a distinct designer concept implemented immaculately. Opened  in August 2004, this boutique hotel has an old-world charm, preserving designs and skills passed down over generations.

The hotel lobby

My thanks

I am grateful to Dr Kamonporn for the hospitality and time accorded to me during my visit to the Siam Heritage Hotel on 30 May 2005. The information provided by her has been a tremendous help in writing this web page.

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