Suan Bua Plew Presentation Hall
a multi-media tour of Dusit Garden

By Eric Lim

Suan Bua Plew Presentation Hall in Dusit Garden may appear to be the one anachronism in a historical setting where exhibits are at least 100 years old.

Here the visitor is given an overview of the history of Dusit Garden and the content of the various residential halls with modern multi-media technology.

A white single story building, Suan Bua Plew Presentation Hall, is just next to the Suan Bua Residential Hall.

It's a very useful stopover for visitors who find walking through all 14 places in the tropical heat too exhausting. For visitors with limited time, the video helps shortlist a few places of interest to visit.

The video presentation in a comfortable air-conditioned theatre traces the history of Dusit Garden, the brainchild of King Rama V. Inspired by his European tour in 1897, King Rama V envisioned a new palace complex unsurpassed in grandeur and beauty.

A royal boulevard, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, was built in 1899 linking the Grand Palace to the site of the new palace, four km away, which was named Suan Dusit or Celestial Garden. Construction on the new palace started in 1900.

The result was the magnificent Dusit Garden, a huge palace complex consisting of 13 royal residences and two throne halls set in wide beautiful gardens.

The military occupation of the Dusit Garden after the 1932 coup and the subsequent royal initiative to restore the place are also documented.

The presentation also gives a summary of the exhibits in each of the residential halls after which you are in a better position to decide on visiting the places that interest you.

The presentations are about 15 minutes alternating in Thai and English. Check the schedule at the entrance. 

For a virtual tour of Dusit Garden

Besides the multi-media presentation, this presentation hall also has a stunning collection of coloured photographs of Vimanmek Mansion and the other attractions in Dusit Garden, taken at night with the buildings bathed in light.

The multi-media presentation at Suan Bua Plew captures in film the legacy of King Chulalongkorn and the efforts of King Bhumipol and Queen Sirikit to restore Dusit Garden to its former glory.

Admission to the presentation hall is included in the ticket to Vimanmek Mansion. No photo taking is allowed inside.

To get there, please see the Dusit Garden map. For the other royal residences in Dusit Garden.


We regret to inform readers that with effect from 11 August 2017, the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Dusit Garden and all the royal residences within will no longer be open to the public.

Take a virtual tour through these pages instead.

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