The answer to my prayer

by Sri Wahyuni

I have been praying to Phra Phrom for about four years. Phra Phrom always listens to my prayers. Recently a miracle happened to me. It's been two years since my wages were adjusted by the company (we should have got increments every year).

I prayed to Phra Phrom that my boss would increase my wages. The miracle happened. Two days later, my boss called and asked me when was my salary last reviewed. I said "two years ago", then he told me that it will be reviewed soon after Chinese New Year next year in 2012. I wasn't down. I was happy because I knew that Phra Phrom has answered to my prayer.

Yet, I don't have to wait for another six months, I didn't know how and why but my salary was increased that month. So I promised that I will go and pray at Phra Phrom's temple in Bangkok in September 2012.

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