The Miracle of four-faced Buddha


In my mid 20s , I was possessed by an evil spirit that took over my life . During that attack, my whole body felt very cold, I had difficulty in breathing and my fingers on both hands would be clenched tightly and shivering .

The attack came on and off for a couple of weeks. After that I only saw the figure of a lady ghost in front of me when I'm awake in the middle of the night smiling at me with a pair of dracula teeth.

Until now I still can remember her scary looks.

After that almost every night, she came and stared at me with her whole figure in front of my bed or sometimes just her head appeared in a corner looking at me.

In the beginning, I sought help from many doctors and chinese physicians but the conclusion was the same . My family asked many people for help. These attacks tortured me physically and mentally.

I really felt sad, depressed and sick like my world has come to the end. In my heart I felt like nobody is going to save me and I gave up hope.

One night, the four-faced Buddha came into my dream. It was in a big temple. In my dream I knelt down in front of him and asked the four-faced Buddha to save my life. Sincerely asked for his help !!!

I woke up the next morning, told my brother about the dream of the four-faced Buddha. Without hesitation he bought me a four-faced Buddha talisman as protection.

From that day onwards, I felt a change, I felt better and more confident with the talisman. But I wasn't fully recovered.

One day my brother got me a four-faced Buddha amulet from Bangkok. I wore the amulet and believed in him to save my life. From that day I wore the amulet of the four-faced Buddha, I never saw the lady ghost again and recovered rapidly.

Thanks to the four-faced Buddha, I knew he would help me. It is a miracle!

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