Old Bangkok photos

by Vic Plant
(North Carolina, USA)

These old Bangkok photos were taken when I was in the US Navy and my ship had a tour of duty in Thailand. The ship docked at Bangkok on the river. I took a photo of a native boat under sail and I am trying to find out the name of the type boat. Could you tell me what it is? Thanks. Your site looks great and I will be reading the items.

I do have some other old photos of Bangkok but I don't remember where I took them or what the name of the place is. It would be nice to share some of them after 50 years. Some have lost the quality because they are so old.

I can just imagine what Bangkok looks like now. Did things change there since I was there? Ha! I remember a shipmate and I got a cab by the ship one morning and he took us around the city to different places. He couldn't speak English, so it was all hand signals.

He was a great guy and when the ride was over we tried to ask him how much for the trip. He pointed to my pack of cigarettes and that was all he wanted. Gas wasn't 4.50 a gallon then either.

Well I can send you a few shots and if you would try to see if you know where they were taken and if you think they are of some interest we can put them on your site.

The photos are original and have not been touched up. They were shot with a 35mm film camera and made into slides. I projected the images onto a screen and used a digital camera. I believe most of the slides have gotten darker. Some are even getting black marks on them.

Remember they are 50 years old which is almost as old as me. Ha! Don't forget this was 1959. I will send some more later. Maybe between you and I we can come up with a story about these old Bangkok photos.

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Sep 02, 2008
Hey Vic
by: grsparrow

Thanks for sending us the site. Pat & I enjoyed sharing your memories!

Love, Anita

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