A Lakeland Stream

by Bill Meyer

Hayeswater Gill runs down to Goldrill Beck which in turn feeds the Ullswater Lake emerging just above Patterdale. Freezing, clear water, babbling along and twisting to clear the huge boulders that have rolled down the valley and ended up like huge stone jewels decorating the river's run.

Thanks to ice-age sculpting there is always natural artistry to be marvelled at in these valleys and hills. Waking in the morning surrounded such beauty and emptiness gives Lakeland dwellers (as it gave the Lake Poets), a charge of peaceful energy..........the power of tranquillity that holds you firmly in its grasp.

No advertising copy, no hoardings, no politician's latest claims, no anger and angst amidst the daily grind. It's devoid of any bullshit other than that made by cattle. You don't need to escape anything in the peace of the pasture!

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