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By Eric Lim

Rainbow over Nang Linchi – where I used to live

Our photo sharing gallery provides a web page for visitors to share photos from their part of the world and contribute towards an international mosaic covering various corners of the world. The photo above was taken from the balcony of my apartment. 

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Please share a photo from your part of the world. It can be your hometown, where you currently live, a favorite place you have visited or even a favorite scene that will always remain in your memory. 

How often have you encountered a scene that simply takes your breath away and you wish you could have captured it for your memories? 

Here’s one such scene from a reader Bill Meyer from London UK. In Bill’s words, “God’s own country”. Indeed it is, close to paradise. 

Limeuil, France - Bill Meyer UK

Here’s another captivating scene from the other side of the world, in Datong, Shanxi Province, China. These are the famous Yungang Grottoes consisting of 53 caves with 51,000 Buddha statues carved out of the rocky hills.

This photo and the others in the submissions below were contributed by C S Koh, a Singaporean who has lived more than a decade in China.

Yungang Grotto, Datong, Shanxi Province, China - C S Koh Singapore

Help build an online photo gallery that’s a mosaic of the world. Let the beauty from your world be part of this mosaic! 

Share your world with us

Do you have a great photo from your part of the world? Share it!

Send your photo to our photo sharing gallery and contribute to an international mosaic of the world.

We’d loved to see your part of the world, even if it’s just a picture.

What Other Visitors Have Submitted

Click below for the contributions by other visitors who have send photos to this gallery.

Poppies in Mook Netherlands 
I took these photos from my bedroom window looking down onto the garden in my home in Mook, a village by the Maas River in the Netherlands. The English …

Gulls on the River Maas 
Here in our little village on the River Maas, we have gulls too. I send you two pictures of the river. On the other side you see a small place with a church. …

Wat Sang Kratai, Ang Thong, Thailand 
Wat Sang Kratai is located in Ang Thong City about two km west of the city centre. It’s a very old temple, more 400 years old, constructed in the Ayutthaya …

Literair Festival - Veghel/Kildonkse Mill Netherlands 
The Literair Festival or Literary Festival (Het Verhaal 2017) was a festival held on Sunday 27 August 2017 in the southern Netherlands along the Aa River …

The Tavy Cleave, UK 
The Tavy Cleave is a very pretty river valley located in the Dartmoor National Park, UK. It's remote location makes walking there a pleasure, and the …

Segovia, Castile, Spain 
We just got back from walking round the outside of the ramparts encircling Segovia, close to the 14th C Jewish necropolis. Lunch is local bakery bread, …

Dartmoor UK 
View from under Feather Tor where we've stopped to eat our packed other diners, waiters or any human company for miles. A cuckoo in the …

Dartmoor UK 
Up on the moor now, heading for a fave spot called 'The Windy Cross' where Chris wants to paint. It IS windy and not too warm today (12°C ). We're …

Ban Pong Krating, Ratchaburi, Thailand 
Last weekend, we took a trip to a relatively remote part of Thailand. Ban Pong Krating is a small town in Ban Kha district, Ratchaburi province in …

Wat Sisaket
Vientiane Laos
I took these photos of Wat Sisaket whilst visiting Vientiane, Laos last week. "Wat Si Saket was built in 1818 on the orders of King Anouvong (Sethathirath …

Rapeseed Blooms on the Ridgeway Path, UK 
Long distance paths are a wonderful way to appreciate the landscape, wildlife and historical richness of a country. Like fans of the ever more popular …

Wonders of China - a photo exhibition in Bangkok 
Photos from this exhibition first appeared in our blog on 20 February 2013. Here are more shots from the same exhibition at the Central World Plaza, …

Bang Saen sunset
Chonburi, Thailand
Photos 1- 3 Sunset taken at Laem Thaen, a cape just north of Bang Saen beach, taken on the evening of 13 February 2013. Bang Saen is a beach resort …

The Lone Stone Cottage 
Walking west down the path from The Knott (2,423 ft), along the banks of Hayeswater Gill, a lone stone cottage sits under the shadow of 2 Oaks. It's …

Heading for the Scandale Pass 
Chris is picking her way up the valley between Middle Dodd (2,150 ft) and Little Hart Crag (2,089 ft), heading for an ancient crossroads at 1,500 ft. …

A Lakeland Stream 
Hayeswater Gill runs down to Goldrill Beck which in turn feeds the Ullswater Lake emerging just above Patterdale. Freezing, clear water, babbling along …

Deepdale Valley, England  
Climbing the path from Hartsop, up the steep gradient to Boredale Hause. Looking west, the farms and fields nestled below Dollywagon Pike in the Deepdale …

Natural beauty of Central Taiwan 
These photos were taken during a recent holiday with my family to the Qingjing Veterans’ Farm at the Renai Township, Nantou County, Central Taiwan. …

Torridon Mountains across Loch Sheildaig - North West Scotland 
We were on a long camper-van journey up the North West coast of Scotland. Having left the remote and beautiful hamlet of Applecross after a hearty breakfast, …

This photo of mine makes me realize that the Thunder God himself has appeared and enlightened the whole sky. Everytime I look into this picture, I feel …

Mookerheide, Mook 
Mookerheide is a part of a region of nature that’s in the middle of the woods. It lies by the Maas River which is called La Meuse in Belgium and France. …

At the foot of 'Bealach na Bà'
(Pass of the Cattle)
The 'Pass of the Cattle' used to be the single route climbing across a range of hills to the little hamlet of Applecross on the West Coast of Scotland. …

AutryVille, North Carolina 
This picture was taken on December 26, 2010.

The Alhambra Palace from the Albaizin in Granada, Spain 
The Albaicin in Granada is what remains of the old Moorish quarter. Steep narrow winding streets and beautiful Moorish villas with a lovely surprise around …

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Segovia Cathedral in Spain 
Segovia Cathedral, located in Segovia's Plaza Mayor is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. A late Gothic masterpiece started in 1525 by Juan Gil de Hontañón, …

Capilleira in Andalucia, Spain 
Sunset from Capilleira at about 1500m above sea level, looking towards the Mediterranean. Sublime!

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia 
This island, the size of Singapore, lies between Tasmania and the South Pole. Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia and is one of few places …

Al Asad, Iraq 
I was a contractor in Iraq and got off work and took this photo in 2006.

Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 
I heard about Pai for a long time and I just had a chance to travel to Pai during October 17 - 19 2009. I can tell you that it's very very beautiful. You …

Pai, Northern Thailand 
Dear boss/skinflint/slave driver, As of this moment, consider me an ex-slave in your sweat shop. …

Big Game Hunt, Zimbabwe, Africa 
This was taken in Zimbabwe, Africa while I was on a hunt in 2000.

Datong, Shanxi Province
PR China
There are 3 major clusters of Buddhist grottoes in China, the most well-known of which is in Dunhuang and the largest in Luoyang. The lesser known of the …

New York 
This picture was taken while on vacation. It is the Verrazano Narrows bridge linking Brooklyn and Staten Island. I used a Kodak 7590 Camera.

North Carolina sunset 
Many of the pictures that I will enter are taken from my front porch. I am disabled and don't drive so my world is my front yard. When you stop and …

The Secret Valley, Cornwall, England 
Walking down a quiet country path in Cornwall while visiting an old schoolmate, we trudged over the brow of a hill into what seemed like a secret valley. …

Mount Egmont 
This is where the Last Samurai was filmed.

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I’d like to thank all our readers who shared photos of their hometown, countries of residence or holidays with us on this international photo sharing gallery. Your contributions made a difference and thank you very much. We look forward to more photos from you.

My sincere thanks to the late Vic Plant of North Carolina, USA who suggested having this international photo gallery for the benefit of all of us. Vic was a keen photographer himself and has contributed significantly to this photo gallery and web site.

For some nostalgic memories of old Bangkok taken by Vic Plant when he visited the city in 1959, please see old Bangkok photos.  To view photos of Bangkok then and now with some photos of the same scene at different times, please see Favourite Bangkok Photographs.

To return to our Bangkok Photographs page. 

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Nang Linchi sunset – thanks for sharing your photos

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