The Lone Stone Cottage

by Bill Meyer

The Lone Stone Cottage

The Lone Stone Cottage

Walking west down the path from The Knott (2,423 ft), along the banks of Hayeswater Gill, a lone stone cottage sits under the shadow of 2 Oaks.

It's been slowly 'absorbed' into the surrounding pasture, the stones that it's built from have blended with the neighbouring dry stone walls that stretch for mile after mile across the hills and valleys.

Testament to the determination and sheer hard work that the poor folk of Cumbria were capable of more than a century ago. The mosses and lichens that have taken root on the roof have long since fused with slate tiles below, and jointly they work to keep the old cottage dry.

When sudden winter blizzards howl down the valley, this old stone cottage will shelter the sheep that are unable to head down the valley in time to get back to the farm that they came from a few hours before, when the sun was shining in the clear blue morning sky.

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