Heading for the Scandale Pass

by Bill Meyer

Scandale Pass

Scandale Pass

Chris is picking her way up the valley between Middle Dodd (2,150 ft) and Little Hart Crag (2,089 ft), heading for an ancient crossroads at 1,500 ft.

Its the point where two old drover's tracks, one running roughly North-South and the other East-West, cross each other at the Scandale Pass.

From that point she'll take her artist's kit out of her pack and spend a few hours capturing the wonderful vistas in colour and line.

There are 50 miles of absolute heaven sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the upper part of the M6 motorway.

Don't tell anyone, because its almost perfect just like it is now. If you want man-made entertainment, Hollywood-style plastic crap or a media-led spectacle just go the OTHER way, thanks!

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