Ban Pong Krating, Ratchaburi, Thailand

by Eric Lim
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Photo 1 - Rabieng Chan Pha Restaurant

Photo 1 - Rabieng Chan Pha Restaurant

Last weekend, we took a trip to a relatively remote part of Thailand.

Ban Pong Krating is a small town in Ban Kha district, Ratchaburi province in western Thailand.

The area is in the foothills of the Tanaosi mountain range that forms the Thai-Myanmar border and Ban Pong Krating is about 30 km from the border.

Ban Pong Krating is home to a Karen community and they have established a local museum there. Unfortunately we needed to make prior arrangements to view the museum. However, the trip wasn’t in vain. There are a number of other attractions in the area.

We decided to visit the hot springs in Pong Krating and the Huai Tha Kei Reservoir along the way. The scenery along the way is just beautiful.

Photo 1 – As it was late morning, we stopped for lunch at the Rabieng Chan Pha Restaurant on the road in. The restaurant is built on the side of a hill overlooking the reservoir.

Photo 2 – Majestic view of the Huai Tha Kei Reservoir

Photo 3 – We reached the hot springs at the end of the road. Water from the hot springs pool further up the hill is piped down to these pools for visitors to soak themselves. There's a stream nearby for bathers to cool off.

Photo 4 – On the way out we stopped at this beautiful temple that’s still under construction.

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