Literair Festival - Veghel/Kildonkse Mill Netherlands

by Irene Hagemans

The River Aa

The River Aa

The Literair Festival or Literary Festival (Het Verhaal 2017) was a festival held on Sunday 27 August 2017 in the southern Netherlands along the Aa River between the town of Veghel and the Kilsdonkse Mill in Heeswijk-Dinther, a distance of five kilometres.

This is an occasion during which poets, writers, musicians gather to perform their works. The unique feature of this festival is that the events are spread out along various locations between Veghel and the Kilsdonkse Mill.

Performances are repeated every hour over the day so that visitors arriving at different times can see them. Visitors can walk, cycle or take a river cruise to get to all these locations. They can start from either end, from Veghel or Kilsdonkse Mill.

It was a day of fun with literary expression in a casual and natural atmosphere with talks, workshops, music and food along the way. The event was organised by the Tourist Recreation Association Bernheze and the Veghel/Bernheze Library.

Irene Hagemans
Mook, Netherlands

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Thank you
by: Eric

Thank you, Irene for sharing your beautiful photos and information on this unique event. This post would not be possible without your contribution.

It must have been an enjoyable occasion.

Eric Lim
Bangkok Travelbug

Nice work Eric
by: Irene Hagemans

Hello Eric,

You did nice work, and with those pictures it is a great article.

I am proud of you and myself working together.


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