Pai, Northern Thailand

by Rex Hu
(Pai, Thailand)

Dear boss/skinflint/slave driver,

As of this moment, consider me an ex-slave in your sweat shop. I no longer wish to be overworked and underpaid so that you and your cronies can enjoy life at the top.

That’s because I’ve found life at the top. And it’s hard to come back down. For obvious reasons, I cannot disclose the place. Not because I’m afraid you’d come looking for me but because you and your kind would be most unwelcome here.

And please don’t patronise me with any of your measly pay rises and bonuses that you dangle in front of your sycophants. Who needs them when you’re in paradise (no, I’ve not gone and done myself in if that’s what your cynical mind is thinking).

Having said all that, I bear you no grudge nor ill will. Fact is, I find myself loving and appreciating the world more and more with each passing second.

So au revoir, cest la vie, ta ta and hugs to all.

Your newly liberated ex- exploitee

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Paradise in Pai
by: Eric Lim

Thank you Rex for showing us the beauty and humour of Pai. For those who are unfamiliar with the place, Pai is in Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand, west of Chiang Mai.

Like Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son shares a common border with Myanmar. The town Pai is about 100 km west of Chiang Mai city by a long winding mountain road.

The photo was taken from Rexs home outside Pai. Most people would associate Chiang Mai with northern Thailand. Pai is not popular with the conventional tourists but very popular with backpackers and campers who flock there during the cool season at the end of the year.

I understand that the town Pai has lost some of its laid-back charm owing to this influx of tourists. However as you can see, the countryside is as breath-taking as ever. It is close to paradise and a perfect haven for whatever you wish to get away from.

Eric Lim
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