Mookerheide, Mook

by Irene Hagemans
(Mook, Netherlands)

Mookerheide is a part of a region of nature that’s in the middle of the woods. It lies by the Maas River which is called La Meuse in Belgium and France.

Mook is a little village where I have lived for the last seven years.

From 1975 until 2005 I lived in Groesbeek, on the other side of the woods about five kilometres away. Groesbeek lies between the woods and the frontier with Germany.

On the Mookerheide, there’s a lot of heather (low-growing evergreen shrubs) or heide in Dutch.

It is on a high hill and when you are at the top you can have a beautiful view of the Maas River valley.

The Mookerheide is a popular place for walking tours.

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Thanks for sharing
by: Eric

Thank you Irene for sharing the photo and information on your hometown with us. You are fortunate to live in a place of such natural beauty.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Eric Lim
Bangkok Travelbug

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