SAB Building, Chinatown, Bangkok

by Eric Lim

SAB Building, Bangkok

SAB Building, Bangkok

The SAB Building is an old building located at the junction of Charoen Krung Road and Chakrawat Road. The junction is called SAB intersection. Unlike Yaowarat Road, this side of Bangkok’s Chinatown is relatively less travelled.

The building used to house the SAB Company owned by a Belgium Doctor Ritter who was in the Faculty of Medicine in the reign of King Rama V (1868 – 1910).

The company was the distributors for imported goods like cars, watches, diamonds, gold, gems, perfumes and toilet soap.

Currently the SAB Building is the office of Xing Xian Ri Bao (Siam Star Daily), a Chinese newspaper. The SAB Company is now located in Wireless Road Bangkok and is the distributor of Rolex watches.

The clock at the top of the building is not working. This photo was taken just before noon on 4 September 2011.

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