Silapa Bhirasri Memorial Museum
dedicated to Corrado Feroci

By Eric Lim

The Silapa Bhirasri Memorial Museum is located in a quiet corner of the Silapakorn University of Fine Arts in old Rattanakosin, Bangkok just across the road from Sanam Luang.

Please see map to the museum

Corrado Feroci founded the Silapakorn School of Fine Arts in 1933. It was upgraded to a university in 1943. 

Professor Feroci was the Dean of Sculpture. 

The museum is a dedication to Corrado Feroci, the man who has contributed tremendously to Thai art in his 39 years of service to Thailand.

Of his famous monuments, the Democracy Monument, Victory Monument and the monuments to King Rama I and King Rama VI are famous Bangkok landmarks.

The nostalgic memorabilia on display include old photos of Corrado Feroci, sculptures and paintings by the great master as well as certificates, medals, paint, old uniforms, a diary and even an old camera.

Also on display in the first room are works by other Thai artists who were groomed by Feroci over the years.

In the second room of the memorial museum are old books belonging to Corrado Feroci, several Buddha statues molded by him. There's also a bust of King Rama IX done in 1962 just before Feroci's death.

Feroci's old typewriter with the ply peeling off the old wooden case, an ancient gramophone and an old electric fan are still there. So is his old working table with articles arranged as exhibits.

There are more paintings and sculptures on display in the second room. By themselves the display items may not mean much to the casual visitor. But one can't help but notice the painstaking care taken to preserve the memory of Corrado Feroci.

The Silapa Bhirasri Memorial Museum is an indication of the deep reverence and fond memories the Silapakorn University of Fine Arts attaches to the man who has dedicated his life to the promotion of Thai art and sculpture.

Map to the Silapa Bhirasri Memorial Museum

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How to get there

within the grounds of Silpakorn University. The university is north of Wat Phra Kaeo and the Grand Palace. Sanam Luang is to the east.

Go through the main entrance of the university and proceed to the smaller building to the left of the main building.

The Silapa Bhirasri Memorial Museum is located in the smaller building on the left.

The museum is open on Monday - Friday, from 09:00 am – 04:00 pm. 
Please note that the museum is closed on public holidays. Admission is free.

To avoid the traffic, take a riverboat there and stop at the N9 Chang Pier. The main entrance of the university is about 300 m from the pier along Na Phra Lan Road.

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