Suvarnabhumi Airport Link
rail link to Bangkok

By Eric Lim

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Link provides a rapid rail link between the airport and Bangkok city centre with eight train stations over 28.6 km and connections to the Bangkok skytrain and subway. 

Like the skytrain, the airport rail link runs on tracks above ground, following the route of the eastern railway.

Some of the airport rail link stations are in the vicinity of the railway stations. 

All the airport rail link stations are above ground except for the terminal station at Suvarnabhumi Airport which is underground. 

For the stations and route of this rail link, please see map of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link

Please see Airport Rail Link hotels for hotels in the vicinity of the stations and facilities for the disabled at Airport Link stations

Construction on this project commenced in July 2005 and was supposedly ready in August 2009. However, owing technical problems, the official opening was delayed for a year until August 2010. 

A trial run for the airport link started on 1 June 2010 with free rides over limited periods of the day. On 23 August 2010 the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link officially started full operations. 

This airport rail link is owned and operated by the State Railway of Thailand. Operating hours are from 6:00 am to midnight daily. The rail link covers a distance of 28.6 km and the maximum speed of these trains is 160 km per hour. 

Express Service

Airport rail link services 

The airport rail link provides two services. 

There’s an Express Service between Makkasan and Suvarnabhumi Airport. The journey takes 15 minutes with trains departing every half an hour. The round trip fare till the end of 2010 is 100 baht. But the return trip must be made before midnight of the same day. 

City Air Terminal at Makkasan

The check-in and baggage handling service at Makkasan will be ready at the end of 2010. After this system is in place, the fare will be raised to 150 baht. 

Check in and baggage handling

Additional express train service 

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Link has also started an additional express train service linking Phaya Thai with the airport. Currently the fees are 90 baht for a single trip and 150 baht for a return trip. 

The City Line has eight stations with trains departing every 15 minutes. The fare is a flat rate of 15 baht till the end of 2010 after which variable rates from 15 – 45 baht will apply. 

City Line

The eight stations in the City Line are:

  • Phaya Thai – terminal for City Line
  • Ratchaprarop
  • Makkasan – terminal for Express Service
  • Ramkhamhaeng
  • Hua Mark
  • Ban Thap Chang
  • Lat Krabang
  • Suvarnabhumi – terminal for Express Service and City Line

Travelling time between train stations varies from 2 – 4 minutes. The journey from Phaya Thai to Suvarnabhumi by the City Line takes 28 minutes. 

Connecting to the Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit Lines 

To connect to the Green Line BTS Sky Train commuters can board the Sukhumvit line at the Phaya Thai skytrain station which is linked by a skywalk to the Phaya Thai airport rail link station. 

Connecting to the skytrain at Phaya Thai

Those who wish to use the Silom line can switch over at the Siam interchange. 

Connecting to the MRT Blue Line Bangkok subway at Petchaburi isn’t as convenient if you have heavy luggage. The Petchaburi station is at least 200 m outside the Makkasan airport link station. 

A skywalk linking the Makkasan airport link station to the Petchaburi subway station will be completed next year. 

Update on the skywalk

On 8 August 2013, the Airport Rail Link Company announced the completion of a 166 metre skywalk linking Makkasan Airport Rail Link to the Petchaburi subway station.

The skywalk can be accessed from the 2nd floor of the Makkasan through Exit 1. 

This will make it easier for passengers who are senior citizens or handicapped. Those with heavy luggage and small children will also benefit from this.

The subway will give visitors access to the hotels in Ratchadaphisek as well as Silom. 

Map of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link

View Bangkok airport Link in a larger map

Hotels along the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link 

These hotels are nearest to the respective airport rail link stations. 

Phaya Thai 

Florida Hotel Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel

The Sukosol (former Siam City Hotel) True Siam Hotel  


Baiyoke Boutique Hotel Baiyoke Sky Hotel Cozy Villa Hotel 

Europa Inn Hotel de Bangkok Indra Regent 

K C Place Hotel Linkcorner Hostel S2S Boutique Resort 

Siam Star Hotel Tango Vibrant Living Place 


Amari Atrium Hotel Asoke Residence Sukhumvit Bangkok Boutique Hotel 

Centric Ratchada Hotel Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel 

Hi Residence P Park Residence Praso Ratchada Private Residence

Royal Pacific Unico Premier Metrolink


Nasa Vegas Royal Suite Boutique Residence

Hua Mark 

13 Coins Airport Grand Resort Bangkok Rama Hotel 

Floraville Serviced Apartment Omni Suites Aparts-Hotel 

Summit Pavilion Hotel

Lat Krabang 

BS Premier Airport Hotel BS Residence Suvarnabhumi 

Chaba Suvarnabhumi Airport Convenient Resort 

Lilac Relax Residence Nest Boutique Resort The Phoenix Hotel 

Queen’s Garden Resort at Riverview Sinsuvarn Airport Suite 


Convenient Grand Hotel Louis Tavern Transit Hotel 

Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel  Orchid Resort 

Suvarnabhumi Airport Link – facilities for the disabled

All airport rail link stations have these facilities for the disabled, senior citizens and travellers with children, heavy luggage or walking difficulties.

There’s a designated lot for the disabled to get on and off vehicles from which they can proceed to the ramp and the lift.

Special lot for the disabled

The lift on the ground level will take them to the ticketing platform where they can buy their train tickets.

Ramp leading to lift at ground level

Then proceed through the entrance where another lift will take them to the airport train platform. 

Lift on ticketing platform to the train platform

As there are two sets of entrances on the ticketing platform, please go through the side that leads to the lift. Ask the station staff for directions if you are unsure.

The lift on the train platform is right at one end of the platform and may not be visible to a disembarking passenger. Check with the security guard on the platform.

Lifts on train platform, note that for some stations the lift door is on
the other side and not visible from this end

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Link is another service added to the rapid transit system in Bangkok providing an essential rail link between Suvarnabhumi Airport and the city centre.

A fast and comfortable ride

For other mass rapid transit services in Bangkok, please see Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit. 

To return to Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit. 

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