Hotels in Ratchadaphisek
a focus in sharp contrasts

By Eric Lim

Pride of Ratchadaphisek

Hotels in Ratchadaphisek are Bangkok hotels located within a 6 km stretch of Ratchaphisek Road between the Ratchadaphisek subway station and Petchaburi junction. It's a busy area bustling with commercial, office and condominiums with a variety of food and entertainment outlets.

These Bangkok hotels are located in an area consisting of condominiums, night clubs, offices, restaurants, shopping malls and supermarkets. 

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Ratchadaphisek Road is actually a much longer road stretching from the Rama IX Bridge to the south up to Wong Sawang Road and the Rama VII Bridge to the north. This 30 km road loops round east of the city center linking the suburbs on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River to the city.

Ratchdaphisek Road also links to the Vibhavadi-Rangit highway leading to the old international airport at Don Muang. Traffic in the area of the hotels in Ratchadaphisek is horrendous, although two underpasses were built in recent years to ease congestion.

Thankfully, the Bangkok subway runs under this section of Ratchadaphisek Road from the Petchaburi to the Lad Phrao junctions providing fast and convenient transportation to:

  • Chatuchak weekend market (Chatuchak station)

  • the Sukhumvit entertainment area (Sukhumvit station)

  • the Silom entertainment area (Silom station)

  • old Chinatown in Yaowaraj (Hua Lam Pong terminal station)

Almost all the hotels in Ratchadaphisek are near and within walking of the Bangkok subway. The following stations serve this area; Petchaburi (PET), Phra Ram 9 (RAM), Thailand Cultural Center (CUL), Huai Kwang (HUI), Sutthisan (SUT) and Ratchadaphisek (RAT).


We'll start with the hotels in Ratchadaphisek near the Petchaburi junction and subway station and proceed northwards.

Amari Atrium Hotel Amari Residences A-one Hotel 

FX Makkasan Unico Premier Metrolink

The Petchaburi junction is congested. There's a mass of expressway flyovers and a level crossing just north of the junction, giving the area the dismal air of a rundown industrial town.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Link stops at the Makkasan station which is linked by a skybridge to the Petchaburi subway station

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Phra Ram 9

The atmosphere brightens up considerably as we enter the Phra Ram 9 junction and subway station. 

B U Place Hotel Centric Ratchada Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel 

Praso Ratchada Private Residence Hi Residence Ratchada Resort & Spa

Royal Pacific Tanatawey Places

The Fortune IT Center next to the Grand Mercure Fortune where you can buy computers and almost any accessory or add-on under one roof.

Shopping is far more pleasant here than at Panthip Plaza in Pratunam where you can be constantly pestered by pesky touts pushing pirated CDs. The center also includes a supermarket, fast food outlets and telecom shops.

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Thailand Cultural Centre

As we proceed northwards, we get to the Thailand Cultural Center subway station and the Ratchada Theater nearby where you can view Siam Niramit, a spectacular drama that's a glittering display of Thai art, culture and history. 

The Big C Mall, Esplanade Mall, Tesco Lotus and Robinson are along this stretch serving the numerous condominiums beyond the main road. 

Amanta Ratchada Service Apartments 

Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa Sitara Place

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Huai Kwang

You'll know you're in Huai Kwang from the numerous glitzy night clubs, karaoke lounges and massage parlors, euphemistically termed "entertainment complexes", with erotic names like Emmanuelle. Others prefer to invoke the names of mighty Caesar and Poseidon.

Emerald Hotel

Bangkok Cha Da (former Siam Beverley)

Amaranta Suites Atrium Boutique Resort Atrium Ratchada 13 Hotel

Bangkok Cha Da Hotel Emerald Hotel For You Service Apartment

Galleria Subway Hotel Hip Hotel Mini Ratchada My Hotel CMYK Ratchada

Palazzo Hotel Park Residence Swissotel le Concorde

Swissotel le Concorde

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For hotels in Ratchdaphisek near the Sutthisan subway station, 

13 Coins Tower Ratchada Hotel Diamond Residence Ratchada 

Discovery Lodge L A Tower Hotel Lantana Resort Pietra Bangkok Hotel

Ratchada 17 Place Sbp Paradise Hotel Ton Aor Place Vacio Guesthouse BKK

Veronica Residence Watana Mansion

The chic condominiums, shopping centers and bright night clubs to the south make way for more mundane commercial blocks and apartments, a trend that continues for the rest of the way.

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The Ratchadaphisek subway station marks the end of the hotel strip. 

Chao Phraya Park Hotel Lelert Apartment The Travellers Lodge

Entrance to the Chao Phraya Park Hotel

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To locate these hotels in Ratchadaphisek, please see the map to the hotels in Ratchadaphisek for an interactive map of the Ratchadaphisek area.

Hotels in Ratchadaphisek are in an area of sharp contrasts and offer a wide range of cheap and mid-range hotels to visitors in an area with convenient shopping and entertainment to suit every budget and taste.

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