Hotels in Thonburi
on the other side of Bangkok

By Eric Lim

Hotels in Thonburi provide a list of boutique, budget and cheap hotels on the Thonburi side of Bangkok which is relatively non-touristy, very green in some places and with several historical sites.

This hotel and travel guide gives the historical background to some of the places where the hotels are located in areas that are out of the usual tourist belt.

Places of cultural and historical interest are highlighted, so are green and natural areas and public transport where applicable.


Thonburi used to be the capital of old Siam from 1767 – 1782 in the reign of King Taksin, during the period between the fall of Ayutthaya and the rise of Bangkok. It was a separate province until 1972 when it was merged with Bangkok and became one of the districts.

Bangkok residents usually refer to the part of Bangkok on the west bank of the Chao Phraya as "fang thon" or "the Thonburi bank".

The hotels on this side of the Chao Phraya are relatively cheap. Many of these are budget hotels with a few boutique hotels. There are also a number of homestay places in an area that has noticeable more greenery and less congestion.

These hotels are presented according to the districts in which they are located. The local cultural and historical attractions in each district are also indicated.

Here’s a map of the west bank of the Chao Phraya to show where these hotels are located.

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Hotels in Thonburi

Bang Phlat

Bang Phlat Resort  Beyond Suite Hotel

P Park Residence Charansanitwong  Royal City Hotel

Cultural and historical attractions: 

Khon mask maker of Bang Phlat

Chao Phraya boat pier: N 16 Krungthon Pier 

Bangphlat Resort

Bangkok Noi

Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai districts used to be in a huge horse-shoe bend that was the original course of the Chao Phraya River. The village of Bancok or "village of wild plums" was at the base of this horse-shoe bend.

In the mid-16th C a canal was cut across the base of the bend to shorten sailing time to Ayutthaya. This very old part of Bangkok is a historical treasure trove.

Thamrongin Hotel

Cultural & historical attractions:

Bangkok Noi Museum  Royal Barge Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum  Thai bronzeware

Wat Rakhang  Wat Sri Sudaram

Taling Chan floating market is in Taling Chan district that is just west of Bangkok Noi.

Chao Phraya boat piers: N 10 Siriraj Pier, N 11 Railway Pier 

Bangkok Yai

Sivalai Place Bangkok

Cultural and historical attractions:

Wat Arun the Temple of Dawn

Klong San

The Aiyapura Bangkok  Grand Tower Inn Sathon  King Royal II Hotel

Sarasinee All Suite Boutique Hotel  U-Baan Guesthouse

Historical attractions:

Fort Pong Patchamit

Bangkok skytrain Silom line: S7 Krung Thonburi and S8 Wong Wian Yai (terminal station). The Silom line goes to Sathorn and Silom Roads and Siam Square.

Sarasinee All Suite Boutique Hotel


Bangkok Loft Inn  Jolly Suites & Spa Hotel  Season Place

Historical attractions:

First Presbyterian Church  King Taksin Monument

Kuan Yin Shrine  Santa Cruz Church

Public bus: The Ratchaphruek terminal station of the Bangkok BRT is near the Season Place and Jolly Suites & Spa Hotel. This bus service goes all the way to Sathorn Road near the Chong Nonsi skytrain station.

Train travel: Take the Maeklong Line from the Wong Wian Yai station to Samut Sakhon province to the south of Bangkok.

Jolly Suites & Spa Hotel


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Hotels in Thonburi – Thonburi South

Bang Kae

Diamond Sweet Hotel

Bang Khun Thien

Bang Khun Thien is the only district in Bangkok with a sea front. The southern half of the district is strip of land that’s wedged between Samut Prakarn and Samut Sakhon and it leads to a five km seafront with mangrove.

Eurna Resort  Latin Garden Apartment

Historical attractions

Bang Khun Thien Museum  Bang Khun Thien boat tour 

Bang Kradi the Mon Community

Chom Thong

14 Living  14 Mansion  The Choice Residence

Historical attractions

Chom Thong Museum

The Choice Residence


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Pra Pradeang, Samut Prakarn

Phra Pradeang isn’t in Bangkok. It’s in Samut Prakarn province that’s south of Bangkok. Phra Pradeang district is that narrow tongue of land formed by the sharp horse-shoe bend in the Chao Phraya River.

It’s also one of the greenest areas for miles around Bangkok. The floating market here is rarely patronized by tourists. Enterprising residents have started homestay places to give visitors a taste of country life as they explore the country lanes and canals in the area during their stay.

Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Treehouse  Phuengnang Homestay

Punntara Botanic Home

Cultural attractions

Bang Namphueang floating market

Phuengnang Homestay

Punntara Botanic Home


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